Kenneth has always had an interest in all whiskies, but Scottish Single Malt Whisky in particular.  He has personally nosed and tasted in excess of 4000 different expressions of single malts.  Since becoming interested in malts in the early 1990’s, he is and has been an enthusiast, and a collector for almost twenty-eight years.  His favorite drams come from the islands—particularly Islay—but he enjoys all malt whiskies, especially the cask strength bottlings.

As his interest grew, he made his first distillery visit in the late 90’s.  Since then, he has made over 55 trips to Scotland,  including the mainland and six Scottish islands. He has personally visited over a hundred different distilleries plus sites of closed and demolished distilleries many times over to continue learning about Scotch whisky. He continues as a student of Scotch Whisky through his travels, talks, self education on the subject, conducting tasting sessions, and contacts in the Scotch Whisky industry.  Over time, he has developed a first name relationship with many of the distillery managers and several independent bottlers of single malts. To further feed his passion of whisky learning, he has made several trips to Ireland with an interest in Irish whiskies as well.

Beyond his distillery visits, he has been a frequent visitor at whisky fairs in Europe and has made numerous connections with other enthusiasts and whisky writers.  He has frequently been consulted concerning single malt whisky and has also consulted on the collecting of single malt miniatures.  He has been a Glencairn designer and retailer for seventeen years and holds world-wide exclusive rights to several of the Glencairn etched designs.

Barbara has accompanied Kenneth on many of his 100+ trips to the British Isles and the European continent over the last 28 years.  Currently, her main interest is in genealogy and she has become a large contributor to Find A Grave and is frequently consulted by others interested in genealogy and burial sites.  Previously, she had developed a major collection of Irish Belleek porcelain and was frequently consulted by other collectors at shows and by mail and e-mail.


Kenneth & Barbara Blankenship

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